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Do you have prophetic words you feel weight on but need help processing or interpreting?

Submit 1-4 words you have received and one of our prophetic trackers will review them and then spend 1 hour unpacking what we sense God is saying about who you are, what He's calling you to, how He's equipped you, and ways you can partner with Him as He moves in your life.

If you received a prophetic report and would like to investigate certain words further,
consider signing up for an Investigation Session. 

Our interpretation team will guide you through any questions you may have, provide counsel as you review your report, as well as assist with connecting the dots between your report and what you’re currently experiencing in your life or additional prophetic words you have concerning your life.

These sessions last 1 hour
 and take place via Zoom.


Inquiry received, we will get back to you shortly!

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