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Aqua Regia is a spiritual intelligence company that utilizes prophecy, word of knowledge, dream interpretation, strategic intercession, and discernment to unlock practical solutions in the professional and personal realms of those we serve.


We are committed to Jesus Christ and our purpose is to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

/ˈA.KwƏ ˈɹEƗ.GI.Ə/





A prophetic company gathers to hear the Lord for an individual, business or city. This is accomplished through a double-blind methodology; the prophetic company has no knowledge of the individual, business or city recipient other than an identifier code. Additionally, the team members do not discuss with each other what they wrote; each word is produced independently. And yet patterns emerge, we pay attention to themes and patterns because it is often where the voice of the Lord can be heard most clearly.

The Report has two sections:

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The prophetic report is an innovative, highly stylized way to connect people to God-given intelligence. It encourages and affirms your unique identity and gifts. It confirms and sharpens call and purpose. It provides specific, verifiable recommendations on how to partner with what God is doing. It gives insight into what is likely to unfold in the future.  This section contains prophetic messages from 10-12 different prophetic reporters.

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After the intelligence in section I is compiled, our pattern tracking specialists read through the messages to identify consistent themes and patterns, decoding symbols and key messages from God.

Specific types of intelligence are also identified and compiled, including actionable intelligence that provides guidance on how to partner with God in the next season, insight into what will happen in your future, and excerpts of Scripture God is highlighting for you. 



Profile Reports are for specific individuals. Their purpose is to provide a glimpse into how Heaven sees the recipients, highlight specific themes and patterns that indicate what God is speaking about them, and provide practical steps on how they can partner with Him to see the promises over their lives realized. Our hope for these reports is to provide an in-depth conversation starter for the recipients to connect with God and hear His voice in a new way.


Mini Profile Reports are similar to Profile Reports. They contain five blind words from our team, are digital only, and contain less analysis and interpretation than our full profile reports. It is because of this express format that we recommend these reports for individuals who have taken our courses or who already feel comfortable navigating prophetic language on their own. We want to make sure you are equipped to receive everything from the words provided; every report is an opportunity for faith–you are putting in your faith, we are putting in ours. Our heart’s intent is that you feel encouraged, exhorted and edified from this experience.


Company Reports share Heaven's perspective on the unique identity, calling, and strengths of a company. It illuminates current and future opportunities. Our aim is to provide strategic spiritual intelligence to assist in decision making, solution development, and capitalization of those opportunities.


You or your organization have a problem or situation where you want a spiritual insight or a solution. We'll collect spiritual intelligence regarding your situation from team members who are not told about the situation. Then, a select team of analysts will interpret the intelligence to identify recommendations for your situation. Engagements last one or more months.

Our prophetic team consists entirely of volunteers, no one is compensated for delivering prophetic words. Your investment goes toward production costs related to data analysis, publishing, printing, and shipping of the report. We are a pay it forward company. A percentage of every report purchased is donated to the charity below.

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In most cases, Prophetic Reports are gifts. To date, we have delivered over 100 reports around the globe, spanning 9 countries.


Recipients occupy a range of different spheres of influence:





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If you have been a recipient of a report and would like to arrange for an in-depth interpretation session with one of our team members please knock below.

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Spiritual intelligence changes lives, brings solutions, and connects people to their creator. Aqua Regia is uniquely positioned to get spiritual intelligence into the hands of those who, otherwise, have limited or no access to the voice of God.

Several reports have been sent as gifts to individuals who do not necessarily associate themselves with faith. This has resulted in an open door for conversations around faith, as well as recipients experiencing the love of God. If you would like to donate toward a report to be sent to someone on our evangelism wish-list please click the button below. We thank you for sowing into the advancing of God’s Kingdom!

*Donations are not tax-deductible. Aqua Regia is an LLC for profit corporation.