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Mini Profile Reports Include:


  • 5 prophetic words from our reporters (done through our blind method where prophetic reporters are given a code name to prophesy overdone through our blind method).

  • Analysis of all Identity, Assets, Foretelling and Actionable Intel.

  • The average report length is 10-15 pages. 

  • Reports typically take 3-5 weeks to complete after our team has prophesied. When you order a report, we will email you within 48 hours within the business week to give you your delivery window. 


If you’re prophesying over a code name, why do you need my name?

We love presentation and ask for your name so we can add it to the cover of your report. Only three team members have access to this information (our Founder/CEO, the Director of Production, and our amazing Administrative Assistant), however your name is concealed from those prophesying in the reports. If you wish to keep your identity concealed you are welcome to provide your own code name! If you choose this option, the code name will be placed on the cover of the report. If you are ordering multiple reports and wish to provide your own code names for those reports, please contact us at for assistance.

Mini Profile Report

  • Once we have started the process of creating your Prophetic Report, we can no longer accept refunds. Should you be interested in canceling your order, you are welcome to email us at to determine if your report has been started.

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