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If you have prophetic words you feel weight on but need help processing or interpreting, you can share them with us and we'll analyze them and then unpack them for you in an hour-long session.

Submit 1-4 words you have received and one of our prophetic trackers will review them and then talk you through what we sense God is saying about who you are, what He's calling you to, how He's equipped you, and ways you can partner with Him as He moves in your life.


Notes: Includes review of previously submitted words. Words must be no longer than 1.5 pages.

Prophetic Interpretation Session

  • After booking your session, please email your prophetic words to Once we have received your words, we will reach out to schedule our session.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When we say "prophetic words," we do not mean singular words. (Examples of Singular Words: teacher, ocean, anointing.)

    Instead, when we say "prophetic words," what we mean is a prophetic message that was given to you. (Example of a Prophetic Word: You are called to disrupt the systems of the world and reveal the ancient and mysterious ways of the Kingdom. I believe you carry a sharp gift of discerning spirits and one day you will write a book that leads people to salvation.)

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